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Our mission
Our mission is to help teachers be better in their classroom work. We believe that successful models of teaching and using technology in school and kindergarten are best passed on from teacher to teacher. We aim to identify teachers for whom teaching is a mission and enable them to share their experiences with colleagues from other schools and countries in Europe.
We also can organize the structured courses under the Erasmus+ program according to the group's needs. We organize a course with a minimum of 7 teachers/trainers. We determine the content of the course in collaboration with the sending institution. Courses are in English.
The company is established in Espoo, Finland. The main part of the activities is realized on the territory of Helsinki, Espoo, and Vantaa. In addition, we organize courses in Antalya, Türkiye, and Barcelona, Spain.
We help teachers be more powerfull in class!
Our participants in structure courses under the Erasmus+ programme share photos made in Finland.

We offer different courses for teachers and administrative staff.

We are working in projects under the Erasmu+, KA 201.

T-oppi Oy
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