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Learing by constructing in kindergarten
European project under Erasmus+ programme, KA 201.
Registration number: 2020-1-BG01-KA201-079184
About the project
The aim of the project is to develop a project based on commercially available construction materials (Lego Duplo) that are also available homes and through the used material market. This project, within the constraints that material imposes, seeks to begin the process of rebalancing by developing a curriculum and teaching method that uses these “play” materials systematically to develop construction and in a manner appropriate for kindergarten children. This will include the principles of sound construction, aesthetics, and cognitive aspects. Teaching method will be based on the cooperative construction of situations that can lead to discussion by the whole class.
Kindergarten 184 "Winnie the Pooh", Sofia - coordinator
Kindergarten 65 "Sunny childhood", Sofia
DZZD "Obuchenie", Ruse
Kindergarten "Lernzentrum KEL", Vienna
Epsilon Marketing e.U, Vienna
Kindergarten Korento, Helsinki
T-oppi, Espoo
Teacher training course C1

From July 29th till August 1st T-oppi hosted a teacher training course “Educational constructive sets for children – state of art and potential”. In the training participated representatives from Kindergarted 184 'Winnie the Pooh' (Sofia, Bulgaria), Kindergarten 65 'Sunny Childhood' (Sofia, Bulgaria), Kindergarten 'Lernzentrum KEL' (Vienna, Austria), Kindergarten Korento (Helsinki, Finland), DZZD 'Obuchenie' (Sofia, Bulgaria), Epsilon Marketing e.U (Vienna, Austria), T-oppi (Espoo, Finland). During four-day training participants were acquainted with a variety of constructive materials and presented their experience of working with children.
Special attention was given to the use of Lego Duplo as a constructive material in education in kindergarten.
The most interesting activities were the workshops, in which participants were divided into teams and completed different tasks, connected with the use of constructive materials.
Teacher training course C2

Teacher training course C2 “Integration of constructing activities in kindergarten curriculum” was held on 21 – 24 October 2021, Sofia, Bulgaria. The participants of the course were from the partner organizations Kindergarten 184 'Winnie the Pooh' (Sofia, Bulgaria), Kindergarten 65 'Sunny Childhood' (Sofia, Bulgaria), Kindergarten 'Lernzentrum KEL' (Vienna, Austria), DZZD 'Obuchenie' (Sofia, Bulgaria), Epsilon Marketing e.U (Vienna, Austria), T-oppi (Espoo, Finland). Kindergarten Korento (Helsinki, Finland) participated online. During the four-day training, participants were acquainted with the developed instructional and learning cards and their usage in kindergarten activities. Participants learned to organize Lego elements, distribute the Lego materials within the groups of learners, and carry out a construction activity.
The seminar ’Learning by Constructing in Kindergarten’ was held on the 24th of May 2022. The project’s aims and results were presented to parents, teachers, and kindergarten principals. The participants were acquainted with the web portal with teaching recourses https://www.legoduplokids.eu/ The structured course “Constructing activities in kindergarten as educational tool” and its venues were presented. The course and the venues can be viewed from the web portal of the projects and the School Education Gateway.
Project results
Didactic materials for working with Lego Duplo in kindergarten, available in 8 languages - Bulgarian, English, German, Finnish, Swedish, Czech, Slovak, Turkish. Click here!
Free internet platform for teachers with published didactic materials, video tutorials, project guides. Click here!
Developed and tested a structured course for training teachers to work with constructive material in kindergarten. Click here!
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